Industrial Technology Development 4.0

Given the rapid development of technology so the company's management system must follow so as not to be left behind, especially on hardware systems and integrated IT software.


High Investment Cost for Procurement of New Computer

The high cost of purchasing hardware and monthly maintenance as well as the increasing cost of electricity from PLN are the main reasons why companies must immediately switch to using computer equipment with the latest technology that is more efficient/cost killer.


IT Personnel Limitations

The limitations of personal IT contained in the company, make frequent use of computer systems experiencing problems that slow down performance company.


Supervision Limitations​

Supervision of employees' computers is very important for the smooth process of a job. With the lack of supervision, there is a high risk of employees doing something outside the control of the company's management.


Swelling of Electricity Costs for Computer Operation​

With the presence of conventional computers in large quantities, electricity consumption in offices increases, not to mention the increase in the basic electricity tariff which can increase every year.


Effects of Global Warming Due to Excessive Use of Electricity​

On Conventional PCs with high electrical power can increase the room temperature to heat and impact on global warming.

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