monitoring thin client

Monitoring System

All client screen displays can be seen clearly on the host screen with one dashboard

tombol on off thinclient (1)

One Click System

Special features to turn on and off all power clients with just one click button


Port & Internet Security

This feature is used to enable or disable USB Flashdisk, Internet Connection, and Lockscreen on Ijotech client computer.


IP Virtualization

The features used to make Ijotech have IP Address itself virtually, not the same as the IP Server.


Hard Drive Protection

With this feature, it will maintain management for keep a confidential database on the server, so that no need to worry about the client reading the database from the server.


General Printer Support

USB Port supports the use of printer hardware making it very easy for each user to print the results of work on the desk / printer respectively.


Hands Up

The client can communicate with the server by giving a hands up in the hmanager software

transfer file thinclient

Remote & Transfer File

Host/Server is able to move the client keyboard mouse and transfer files to each other

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