Smart Computing For Everyone

IJOTECH AGC200N is a virtual desktop product designed for middle and primary schools, computer labs and reading rooms. Works through Microsoft sharing technology and Vnopn HVDP Protocol (HI-FI VIDEO DESKTOP TRANSFER PROTOCOL) to operate windows desktop and manage terminals centrally smoothly, and use Vnopn teaching software to realize simple educational solutions.

The working principle is to share the arithmetic capabilities of one server, share one operating system, while other virtual cloud desktops almost divide the server system into many subsystems, and each subsystem has its own operating system. Compared to other desktop clouds, IJOTECH AGC200N enables server operations with higher efficiency but with lower waste, thereby significantly reducing server costs.

Zero Client AGC200N can be popularly used for Computer lab/Reading Room/Multi Media Room, not only free remote desktop, comes with one smart management software which makes it easy to setup multiple users, server can monitor, manage, send messages and manage permission to the terminal on request.

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